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New Year 2018

New Year's Eve, with its accentuation on indulgence and romance, may appear like an absolutely mainstream festivity. In any case, underneath all that sparkle and shimmer is an antiquated occasion with profound otherworldly roots. For a considerable length of time, and in comparative ways, individuals have been watching the end of one year and the start of another.

Ancient Romans celebrated with six days of frolicking that would presumably be well known to us today. St. Boniface, a teacher from England who went to Rome in 742, was dismayed at how the Romans observed Kalends of January, as the New Year was called, with "moving in the roads, heathenish cries, heretical melodies, tables weighed down with nourishment and ladies wearing special necklaces and offering them available to be purchased."
New Year 2018

 Because the Winter Solstice is the defining moment of the year, starting the protracting of days, it has for some time been seen as the introduction of the year- - by…